Sunday, September 26, 2010

Used Nissan Forklifts for Sale

If you feel you are in the market for a new forklift, or are a first-timer that has been put in charge of purchasing forklifts at a tight budget for a start-up company, then you might want to think about buying used Nissan forklifts. Nissan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers not only of forklifts, but of vehicles in general, so there is no shortage of choice out there when you are looking at different makes and models. Many Nissan dealers will sell these used models directly.

Used Nissan Forklifts

Another good source of used Nissan forklifts is directly from the owner. There have been a high number in recent years of auction websites or online marketplaces where owners are able to sell their wares without having to pay the fees of middlemen who may not have their best interests in mind or take a cut of the proceeds. However, when you are buying used Nissan forklifts directly from the owner, you don’t have the same access to knowledge or service contracts that a dealer would be able to give you, though you may be able to find a bigger bargain this way.

There are several other safety factors to take into consideration when you are looking at used Nissan forklifts. That includes the age of the model. If the forklift has already been used for ten years or more, then you should definitely have it looked over by a qualified technician and take it for one or more test drives to see how it still runs.

If you hear any strange noises from the engine or if the brake pads seem worn down, then it’s better to pass on this item. However, small things like worn down tires can easily be replaced, and give the vehicle a whole new life.

During the test drive of any used Nissan forklifts, you should take the vehicle for a spin in figure eights, or take several tight turns around obstacles. That will give you an idea of how well the steering is still working. Also, start the forklift up to five miles per hour or more, and then stop it suddenly to make sure that it is able to make these sudden stops. Be sure to examine the mast and how it is working at the moment as well, to gain the best idea of how the forklift is able to operate in a warehouse setting.

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